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    1. Christmas Hamper Deliveries – December 15, 17, 19
      11:00 am – 5:00 pm

      We are looking for adults to work in pairs (using their own vehicles) to deliver Christmas hampers on December 15, 17 and 19th.

      If you are interested in volunteering on this day, please complete the volunteer information form online on our website and indicate that you are interested in delivering hampers.

      We are asking you to arrive at 11am at our warehouse at 340 Legget Drive, Unit #46. There is no specific end time because the day depends on the amount of deliveries required, the amount of volunteers available to make the deliveries, and the weather conditions. Please feel free to volunteer as much time as is convenient for you (e.g. 2 hours, 4 hours). We appreciate any amount of time you can provide for this purpose!

      Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

      (Please note — if you are a business planning to arrive with many pairs of volunteers, thank you! Please contact the Event and Volunteer Coordinator.)

      11:00 am
      Christmas Hamper Deliveries – December 15, 17, 19