Adopt a family

Adopt a Family registration has closed for this year. Thank you for your support!.

Last year, over 400 families requested help for Christmas.

If you would like to make a contribution to a family this Christmas, please contact our adopt-a-family coordinator.

Many people who request assistance find it difficult to accept that they and their family need help to celebrate over the holiday season. Many only make a request so that their children may be happy.

The Kanata Food Cupboard would not be able to assist these families without community support through the Adopt-a-Family program.

This program is a confidential service. As a first step, we ask all interested ‘adopters’ to complete the online adopt-a-family form.

If you offer to ‘adopt’ a family, you are provided with:

  • a code number for that family
  • the number of adults
  • the number of children, their sex and age
  • clothing sizes of the family members
  • what that family has requested. (Sometimes there are only requests for the children. In this case we ask you to think of the parent(s) as well.)

The requests vary greatly and might include:

  • A Christmas Dinner and all the trimmings (perhaps there are special dietary needs)
  • Possible gifts
  • Clothing
  • Gift tokens
  • A tree or Christmas decorations
  • (A child may just ask for a pair of warm boots!!!)

Please don’t wrap the gifts, although it is a good idea to include some giftwrap and other materials so that the parents can do this. Also we request that only NEW toys and clothes be given.

It is difficult to estimate what ’adopting a family’ may cost, but you might consider spending about $100 for the food, and a minimum of $30 per person (up to about $50 person) INCLUDING each of the adults. Say $300 for a two parent family with a couple of young children. If this is too much, consider a joint effort with friends. Or you may just want to purchase one or more frozen turkeys, or gifts which we can distribute as needed. (We particularly need gifts suitable for teens).

The people who responded to this request are many and varied. They included:

  • individuals
  • families
  • groups of students
  • groups of colleagues at work
  • social or sports clubs
  • churches

Although you can request the type of family or individual you would like to help, we cannot always meet your requirements. Many wish to adopt a family with young children; we understand this, but we have a great need for help with families with teens, as well as single people.